Do you know that you Write Your Life?

In fact, everybody ALREADY does, everyday… moment by moment…Love inspired for Eternity

You do…

I do…

We all do… whether we know it or not!


…is what we do when we make our choices or decisions.

Whether we commit a pen to paper or our lives to a direction, we are ‘writing’, we are taking some level of command of the situation and co-creating with the totality of all that is.

In life we begin to consciously learn to do this, mastering our thinking and empowering ourselves to higher and higher levels.

The other option is to unconsciously go about the day, acting and writing the script of our lives based on reactions and misinterpretations of the past or current situations. Never present, never empowered, always the victim.

You probably tend to fluctuate between the two, like most people. Although with practice, you can learn to be mindfully aware and become more conscious, more often, of more and more.


…is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this word directly refers to you and your ownership of life. A key factor in owning your life, is taking responsibility. Without responsibility, you are powerless to change anything. With responsibility you can change anything by firstly changing how you see the situation.

Within the word ‘Your’ is also ‘Our’.

This is an important distinction, as we do co-create. We join in with the rest of existence when we live our lives as we are intrinsically connected to everything else. Yes your life is about YOU, but it’s also about OUR.

In all of our creative life endeavors, we always need to consider the ‘other’.

Every good decision maker knows of the importance of considering the ecology of the potential outcomes. With each decision you make, there are ramifications that are either beneficial for all, or damaging for all. I don’t believe in win / lose relationships, I think they are actually lose / lose because we are all connected and what you do to another, you on some level, do to yourself. Remaining on the good side of life and of others is important if you wish to lead a successful life so you not only attain success on the outside, but also feel success on the inside.

Another very important detail about the word your, is the first letter … ‘Y’

You must realize, it’s vital to have a reason, a personal ‘why’ that supports you. The most powerful and meaningful ‘why’ for you, comes from you, from your core. When you align yourself with your core reasons/purpose/meaning for life, your attitude becomes one of a glowing ‘YES’ as you smile and dance and sing your way through every day. Without looking inside at your core and discovering the inspiration in life that has real meaning for you, you’ll be saying instead, ‘Why bother’.

Don’t get me wrong, even if you are totally aligned and tap dancing your way to the life of your dreams, the journey will still be challenging and emotional at times. That’s life!

You’ll just handle it a whole lot easier, with the ability to retain balance, composure and a smile ready and waiting.


…is our very existence.

As we live and move through the world, if we are not valuing and honouring the very life that we ARE, we are heading in the wrong direction. You could say that this is heading in the ‘death’ direction!

We are only ever growing or dying… so we all make a decision to live or to die, unconsciously or consciously.

This is often a subconscious choice that not many people are aware of having ever made, however, if you look even superficially at someone’s behaviors, you may spot some clues as to which way they may be leaning.

Life is best respected, honored and valued at all levels, for all beings. I like to think of life like this …

 Love           inspired          for          eternity

Challenge yourself to live this way. I believe you can. If anyone can get their head & heart around it, you can! You are, after all, here and now reading this!! :)

Exercise your right to choose in this moment… ask yourself;

  • Who am I becoming?
  • Which way am I heading today? 
  • Do I choose to move forward and grow in some areas of life but retreat away and die in others?
  • Am I being honest with myself, as deeply honest as I can?

Become aware of what is true for you.

When you find that inner spark that propels you forward, follow that creative urge… and keep going!!


You do now know… and on some level I believe you have always known… You ARE moving forward… Writing Your Life as you go!


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Be Mindful at Home

If you needed any more motivation to start your meditation practice, here’s a nice shortlist of 8 great reasons to begin or renew. See if they relate to you. Huffington Post put up the original article recently, see the link below for more information.

Those 8 great reasons are;

* Stress reduction
* Improved concentration
* Encourages a healthy lifestyle
* Increases self-awareness
* Increases happiness
* Increases acceptance
* Slows aging
* Cardiovascular & immune system improvements

In the mad rush of a world we live in today, we tend to be overworked & over stimulated which causes damage to our sense of peace as well as our bodily systems. Meditation & mindfulness are now being scientifically validated that they provide exactly what is needed to balance us out. And for the sake of 30 minutes per day, why wouldn’t you start!

To help keep you motivated and your practice varied, I run a weekly meditation class in Emerald.
However, as not everyone can make it, I’ve put a short mindfulness meditation track together for you here.
In this way, I can come to you and you can clear and steer your mind wherever you find yourself.

Enjoy! Please leave me some feedback below with how you find the track.

Introduction –

Mindfulness –

Note: Track 1 is for your preparation. Listen to this one first so you can set up your inner & outer space :)
** Do not listen to track 2 while driving a car, front end loader or even while riding a skateboard… you need to focus on the meditation!
*** You can download these tracks from Soundcloud, Click Here Write Your Life


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Power up!

Through mindfulness & meditation, we tap into some truly self empowering tools.

Creating a regular practice for yourself can free you from stress or anxiety, dissolve stuck emotions or give you additional focus and awareness for creating a life you really love… plus so much more.
By committing a small amount of time daily, you can make a start, even 5 minutes of breath focused mindfulness can begin to make a difference.

Once you start however, you’ll want to do more and sit for even longer periods of time. With regular practice, you’ll find you have extra energy and clarity. The things that used to bother you, simply don’t seem to bug you anymore and life becomes a more enjoyable journey. A mindfulness practice frees you from your old patterns of reactive thinking.

If you’ve found sticking to a daily practice challenging in the past, attending a regular class is a great idea. Try out a few classes in your area and see what you find easy and enjoyable.

For those of you that are local and want to see what it is all about, my term 4 classes are beginning on Wednesday 7th October at the Emerald Community House Hall.
Click here to find out more.
We learn a powerful mindfulness practice and do a different guided meditation each week. My goal is to help you clear AND steer your mind for a more harmonious and joyful experience of life.

If there is nothing in your area, or you simply prefer to do the mediation at home but do not know where to start, I’ll happily send you a free meditation recording and the basic information to get you started. Simply leave a comment below or send me a private message with your contact details.


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Human Connection

The keys to the kingdom are revealed in this quote by Paul J. Meyer. The quality of our communication, both to ourselves and to others, really does determine the outcome and quality of our lives.

We see this clearly with a little peek into the mind of someone whom does not respect themselves. The messages they send and listen to inside their own heads are often abusive and intolerant. Is it any wonder they feel unworthy or do things they regret?

In loving ourselves, we can offer this Love and respect naturally to others.

Our outer world becomes a reflection of our inner world… so it’s important to realize that communication happens on both sides of our skin. So make peace with every little piece of you.

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Build Powerful Habits

Habits can serve us or they can hinder us.

Our habits can be likened to programs that run inside our subconscious mind and body, so we do not have to consciously think about taking each step, every time. Our habits assist us with all of the mundane tasks we do, day in, day out. This has its pros and cons.

A habit is really the opposite of mindfulness, unless we practice otherwise.
Our habits assist us to become ‘unconsciously competent’.
This unconscious competence is part of the reason that talented sportspeople or musicians can make incredibly challenging tasks or situations look effortless. They have built good practice habits that support their passions to the point where they can be running the rehearsed ‘program’ but still make mindful adjustments while they are in action. In this way, habits help create mastery.

On the other side of the equation, the hindering aspects of habits are numerous.
Over time we can develop ‘bad’ habits that have us remain unconscious in so many situations.
We might smoke or mindlessly snack or perhaps ‘snap’ at our partner or children when something doesn’t go our way. These poor behaviours are not choices we make in the moment, they are actions or reactions that have formed as our habitual patterning for various reasons.

The great news is that habits can be stopped, renewed, altered, rearranged, deleted and created, just like computer programs. While many of our habits are unconscious, we can be made aware that we do things in a certain way, typically only when we think about those behaviours specifically.
Tools like mindfulness, meditation, self reflection, counselling, NLP, hypnosis and many other psychotherapeutic methods can assist us to rearrange our habits.

You have to do something different to get a different result.
Journaling is a positive habit or ritual that you can choose to adopt.
The simple task of writing for 5 to 10 minutes per day, perhaps just before you go to sleep, brings greater awareness, gives clarity of mind, closure to daily events, reduces stress, and I believe, stimulates a greater level of mindfulness during the day.
This isn’t all it does, but it’s a good start to understand how powerful writing can be.

Journaling begins to create awareness and can help us steer our thinking. Our thought patterns are also mostly habitual.
There are estimates that people think between 10,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day, yet only 2000 of these are new thoughts and 80 per cent of the thoughts are negative!
Given that the quality of our thoughts creates the quality of our lives, any ritual that can help us to make a change in this area is priceless.

So what do I write about you ask?

The answer is that you want to ask yourself positive questions. This fills your mind with thoughts that will lead to positive answers, hence positive change.

For example, set yourself 3 questions every day.
Some questions you could use;

1. “What went well today and why?”
2. “I love the way that …” complete the sentence…
3. “To honour my relationship with (myself / my partner / my God etc…), tomorrow I am …”
4. “Three new things I am grateful for are …?”
5. “I choose to consciously evolve by …”

You can begin writing, even if you don’t yet know what you want to say. Just write what comes and keep the pen moving on the page. You may surprise yourself with what comes out.

Hit me up if you would like more techniques to positively steer your own mind!

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Smoking is on the way out!


NSW has brought in the outdoor dining area smoking ban as of today with huge fines for disregarding the new laws.
Victoria still has some way to go, however, these same laws could come into effect before we know it.
Most recently, they’ve banned smoking in prisons and there are ongoing changes for the better, find them here –

If you are still smoking and you are ready to stop, you are most likely aware of the large number of methods that are on the market.
Of course, expensive marketing campaigns do not make a method more effective, so it’s important to get the facts first.
Hopefully the following information will assist you make a decision that will serve you best.

According to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways to break the habit, Hypnotherapy was found to be the most effective way of giving up.
According to the study by the University of Iowa, even a single session of hypnotherapy more than doubles a person’s chance of success when compared to the nearest most effective treatment.
The meta-analysis combined the results of more than 600 studies covering almost 72,000 people from around the world.
New Scientist Magazine published the results of this extensive clinical study which showed that single session hypnosis increased a smoker’s success to 60%.

Success rates for the most effective different smoking cessation methods found in the study were;

 60% – Single Session Hypnosis
 24% – Acupuncture
 10% – Nicotine Replacement
 6% – Willpower

Source: New Scientist, October 1992, Vol 136.

Most current hypnotherapy stop smoking programs give a person at least two sessions as a part of their program.
This gives a person the best chance of success with rates moving well over 95%.

One important reason that hypnotherapy works so well is that a qualified hypnotherapist will address the underlying psychological reason people continue to smoke.
Other methods do not address these reasons at all and simply seek to mask the symptoms.
This is the reason that those that stop using other methods may begin smoking again down the track, or perhaps take up excessive eating or drinking instead.

When you are ready to stop, find a qualified and registered professional that can help you quit smoking and address the reasons why.

Click the link below to find a qualified therapist…
National Hypnotherapists Register Australia
Simply type your postcode into the search box on the website to find a qualified therapist in your area.

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Living Consciously – Recommended Reading!

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The Four Agreements is a great book which gives such simple but powerful wisdom that points us towards how we can live more consciously.
Simply put, the four agreements offer us a useful perspective shift. Adopting these simple premises leads to empowerment through release from attachment and gives us greater choice in each moment.

From the book, the four agreements are;

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

This easy to read book will help you break your long held personal illusions and open up a path to personal freedom, freeing yourself from your old limitations.

I consider this book a must-have for anyone interested in personal growth in any area of life.

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Mindful Parenting

3 Things a Parent Should Not Say to a Kid

Reading this article reminded me of something I heard a couple of mothers say to their children a few weeks ago.
It was warm and sunny, a gorgeous day to be out and about and I was enjoying a local arts and produce market. Families were coming and going, enjoying the weather, the foods and the local arts and crafts.
As I was heading back to where I’d parked the car, I noticed a young child, perhaps 4 or 5 years old running along and running past her mother whom was sitting on a picnic rug on the grassy area next to the play ground.
The mother hearing the jingling in her daughters pocket, stopped her daughter then called her over and said, “Hey! Have you got money?”
“Yep” said the girl as her mother put her hand into her daughter’s pocket and pulled out the coins.
“Wow”, the mother said, “You’re rich!”
Smiling the mother put the coins back into her daughter’s pocket and the child skipped off again.

As I continued around the next corner approaching the back of my car, I overheard another woman interacting with her slightly older daughter.
The girl must have already been harping at her mother to purchase some trinket or another, as the straining small voice carried on, “Please mum, I really like it, can I have one?”
The girl’s mother responded, in a somewhat absent minded fashion, “No you can’t. It’s seven dollars, it’s just too expensive!”

Hearing these two different interactions within such a short period of time stood out for me and prompted me to write about it.
Take a moment to think about this yourself.
Think about the two different experiences of these two children, both relating to money and possibility for their future.
The first child had a positive experience with her mum who gave her attention as well as a positive message about money.
The second child was given an unpleasant experience of limitation and told that seven dollars was a lot of money.

Now I’m not suggesting that the second mother should have bought her daughter the seven dollar thing, or that the small amount of money in the first child’s pocket made her rich.
What I am suggesting is that being present to our children and to our interactions with our children can make all the difference in life.
As isolated incidences, these two experiences may not impact too dramatically on the children, however, as adults we are habitual beings and we behave in ways that form patterns of understanding in our children. It’s those patterns that imprint and form the beliefs that our children take with them into their future.

With the young, it’s ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’.

Being mindfulness to our patterns of speech not only helps to empower our children, but helps to show us the very nature of our internal wiring for ourselves.

Read article here…
3 Things a Parent Should Never Say to a Kid

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Break Free

Break Free

Have you ever driven past a circus or seen on TV a huge & powerful elephant tied with nothing but a flimsy rope to a tiny peg in the ground?
Seeing this mystery gives rise to the question,

“Why doesn’t the elephant just rip out the peg and walk away?”

For some reason this adult elephant, which has this amazing size and strength, chooses to remain tied to this peg.
Why is this?

There is a very important reason why, and this reason contains a valuable lesson for us all.
So why does the elephant choose to stay roped to the peg?

The reason is the elephant’s upbringing.
You see, as a baby, the elephant was tied to the peg.
At this early stage of her life, the baby elephant didn’t have the strength to pull free and escape. She found this out by using all of her might, for days and days as she tried to pull herself free.
Over time, after so many days, weeks & months of pulling against the rope, the growing but still small elephant gave in to this inescapable ‘force’.

The elephant’s understanding of her inability to pull free was that that the peg was much more powerful than her and that she could not escape from the tether.
So many failed attempts to escape as an infant, taught her that she couldn’t escape.
Growing into an adult elephant, an animal weighing several tons, she takes for granted that this immovable force is unbreakable and so doesn’t try.
The sensation of having the leg tied to the rope and having the awareness of the peg restraining her, is enough for her to just sit and wait until someone unties her.
This is how the elephant is made to stay.

We might also call this ‘training’ or ‘conditioning’.
The fact is that this powerful creature believes that she cannot move away from the peg, even though she is more than capable of leaving at ANY moment.

So with this understanding comes the understanding of the basics of human development.

The important lesson in this for us ALL, is that we too were conditioned as infants and children.
Our role models, both good and bad added to our understanding of the world, forming our beliefs about what is possible and what is not.
The limits that were put upon us when younger, flavour our entire life experience as adults.

If you look at your life today, at how far you have or haven’t come, in each of the different areas of your life, it becomes clearer which pegs you were chained to, in YOUR formative years.

The good news is that by taking conscious control of your life, you CAN make changes to your conditioning.
Doing this for yourself requires discipline, mindfulness training, education, goal setting and creation strategies.

An easier path allowing you to reset your conditioning is to hire a coach.
A coach can guide you through the process, unlocking your potential and dissolve your blocks, assisting you to directly change those limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

If you ARE ready to take the fast track to your success, contact me today.
Quote “I’M READY NOW” in your contact email subject line to receive 10% off your coaching program.

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Blockages to Blessings

BlockageFor this long cold winter, what prevented me from getting to meditation class last night will become the heat for our home!
Sooooooo grateful.

Choice and surrender are the two sides of the co-creators coin.

What came up at yesterday morning’s meditation was ‘meaning’.
We choose the meaning for everything that occurs in our lives, either choosing by default from our past conditioning, or choosing consciously to make a meaning that empowers us.
To everything we have no control over, we must surrender.

So this morning.. as I’m cutting my way through the tree to clear the driveway, I couldn’t help but relate to life and mindfulness practice.

My chainsaw only has a 400mm blade so this tree was really the limit of it’s capability. Keeping the blades sharp was vital to cutting through the trunk efficiently, without sharp blades, getting through was really hard work.Blessing

I likened the sharpening of my blades to mindfulness practice.
It’s far easier to deal with any blockage, dilemma, challenge or problem in life if we have a sharp blade.
With a sharp blade, in an instant we can cut a disempowering story off and can either choose to give the experience an empowering meaning or perhaps simply choose to enjoy the moment.

I’m a woodsman at heart :)

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