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If you needed any more motivation to start your meditation practice, here’s a nice shortlist of 8 great reasons to begin or renew. See if they relate to you. Huffington Post put up the original article recently, see the link below for more information.

Those 8 great reasons are;

* Stress reduction
* Improved concentration
* Encourages a healthy lifestyle
* Increases self-awareness
* Increases happiness
* Increases acceptance
* Slows aging
* Cardiovascular & immune system improvements

In the mad rush of a world we live in today, we tend to be overworked & over stimulated which causes damage to our sense of peace as well as our bodily systems. Meditation & mindfulness are now being scientifically validated that they provide exactly what is needed to balance us out. And for the sake of 30 minutes per day, why wouldn’t you start!

To help keep you motivated and your practice varied, I run a weekly meditation class in Emerald.
However, as not everyone can make it, I’ve put a short mindfulness meditation track together for you here.
In this way, I can come to you and you can clear and steer your mind wherever you find yourself.

Enjoy! Please leave me some feedback below with how you find the track.

Introduction –

Mindfulness –

Note: Track 1 is for your preparation. Listen to this one first so you can set up your inner & outer space :)
** Do not listen to track 2 while driving a car, front end loader or even while riding a skateboard… you need to focus on the meditation!
*** You can download these tracks from Soundcloud, Click Here Write Your Life


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