Blockages to Blessings

BlockageFor this long cold winter, what prevented me from getting to meditation class last night will become the heat for our home!
Sooooooo grateful.

Choice and surrender are the two sides of the co-creators coin.

What came up at yesterday morning’s meditation was ‘meaning’.
We choose the meaning for everything that occurs in our lives, either choosing by default from our past conditioning, or choosing consciously to make a meaning that empowers us.
To everything we have no control over, we must surrender.

So this morning.. as I’m cutting my way through the tree to clear the driveway, I couldn’t help but relate to life and mindfulness practice.

My chainsaw only has a 400mm blade so this tree was really the limit of it’s capability. Keeping the blades sharp was vital to cutting through the trunk efficiently, without sharp blades, getting through was really hard work.Blessing

I likened the sharpening of my blades to mindfulness practice.
It’s far easier to deal with any blockage, dilemma, challenge or problem in life if we have a sharp blade.
With a sharp blade, in an instant we can cut a disempowering story off and can either choose to give the experience an empowering meaning or perhaps simply choose to enjoy the moment.

I’m a woodsman at heart :)

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