Break Free

Break Free

Have you ever driven past a circus or seen on TV a huge & powerful elephant tied with nothing but a flimsy rope to a tiny peg in the ground?
Seeing this mystery gives rise to the question,

“Why doesn’t the elephant just rip out the peg and walk away?”

For some reason this adult elephant, which has this amazing size and strength, chooses to remain tied to this peg.
Why is this?

There is a very important reason why, and this reason contains a valuable lesson for us all.
So why does the elephant choose to stay roped to the peg?

The reason is the elephant’s upbringing.
You see, as a baby, the elephant was tied to the peg.
At this early stage of her life, the baby elephant didn’t have the strength to pull free and escape. She found this out by using all of her might, for days and days as she tried to pull herself free.
Over time, after so many days, weeks & months of pulling against the rope, the growing but still small elephant gave in to this inescapable ‘force’.

The elephant’s understanding of her inability to pull free was that that the peg was much more powerful than her and that she could not escape from the tether.
So many failed attempts to escape as an infant, taught her that she couldn’t escape.
Growing into an adult elephant, an animal weighing several tons, she takes for granted that this immovable force is unbreakable and so doesn’t try.
The sensation of having the leg tied to the rope and having the awareness of the peg restraining her, is enough for her to just sit and wait until someone unties her.
This is how the elephant is made to stay.

We might also call this ‘training’ or ‘conditioning’.
The fact is that this powerful creature believes that she cannot move away from the peg, even though she is more than capable of leaving at ANY moment.

So with this understanding comes the understanding of the basics of human development.

The important lesson in this for us ALL, is that we too were conditioned as infants and children.
Our role models, both good and bad added to our understanding of the world, forming our beliefs about what is possible and what is not.
The limits that were put upon us when younger, flavour our entire life experience as adults.

If you look at your life today, at how far you have or haven’t come, in each of the different areas of your life, it becomes clearer which pegs you were chained to, in YOUR formative years.

The good news is that by taking conscious control of your life, you CAN make changes to your conditioning.
Doing this for yourself requires discipline, mindfulness training, education, goal setting and creation strategies.

An easier path allowing you to reset your conditioning is to hire a coach.
A coach can guide you through the process, unlocking your potential and dissolve your blocks, assisting you to directly change those limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

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