What can Psychotherapy assist with?

Psychotherapeutic techniques applied with or without hypnotherapy can be very effective for a range of behavioral or emotional issues such as stopping smoking, dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Other benefits include a greater sense of peace, confidence, motivation and joy for life.

As a result of the greater freedom you experience inside, your relationships improve with both yourself and therefore other people too.

Psychotherapy consists of a range of tools that assist a practitioner facilitate you to empower your mind. As the mind cannot be separated from the body or indeed life, these tools can be used to assist with any issue or challenge within life.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation.

A person in hypnosis is much more able to explore their issues and address problems in order to achieve change.  Sometimes you feel like you’re just listening and sometimes you’re in a deep meditative like state.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming.

These are a powerful set of tools and understandings created in the early 70’s by studying some of the most effective psychotherapists and counsellors at the time. Working with this well proven and effective technology for change, each person is allowed greater choice and empowerment. NLP assists a person to better understand the way to run their mind and body in a way that best serves them.

What will happen in my session?

Sessions happen in a relaxed environment where there is some talk time as well as some experiential,  closed or open eyed processes where you may speak or be required to listen only.

As a client, you may experience being aware and playing a part of the process, experience day dream like states, relaxation and guided imagery. When in hypnosis, typically your heart rate and breathing will slow down as you relax into a comfortable chair and you’ll typically feel fantastic at the end of each session.

Is there anything I need to bring to my session?

Yes! Bring an open mind and an honest and willing attitude. Bring your curiosity as well as comfortable clothing.

Layers of clothes are best so that you can regulate your body temperature  to what is ideal for you.

Very importantly, bring the details of any current medication you may be taking.

What sort of results will I experience?

Results will always vary, as many factors contribute to the positive outcome.

The fastest path to your best outcome will include;

  • A strong sense of personal responsibility
  • Honesty & Commitment
  • Clear & open communication
  • Your willingness to explore and ‘do the work’
  • Doing the homework between sessions

How many sessions will I need?

As powerful as many healing methods are, it’s less likely you will change a long standing issue with only one session. While some issues may be resolved within a single session, others will take longer.

It is very likely however, that you’ll experience positive results after each session.

The healing response of people never ceases to amaze me. Ultimately, I have no idea how fast you’ll be able to move through your challenge, and, until you move through it, neither will you!

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis brings about a relaxed yet focused state. This state often known as ‘trance’ is an open, receptive state that allows the mind to clear and allows answers to surface. This gives each person clearer direction in moving through any challenge. Specific effects are brought about during the session to allow a person to shift perceptions, alter beliefs or patterns of thinking, thereby creating emotional, mental and physical healing.

Am I in control during hypnosis?

Many people have this concern. The thing to know is, you are always in control.  No one can make you do or choose anything you don’t really want.   Hollywood has made many movies in regards to hypnosis but remember that this is mostly fiction.

Hypnosis CAN lower your inhibition, as in a stage hypnosis performance, however, you are only ever going to ‘cluck like a chicken’ if you truly want to.

Reiki, Seichem or a Crystal healing sessions.

Energy healings are gentle and relaxing. You’ll experience feelings of lightness and peace and often experience visual imagery or guidance.

We begin your initial healing session as any other session, we seek first to understand and gain clarity around your feelings and needs.

Often when working with clients in a program, I may intuitively suggest that energy work could be helpful for you. Please be open to to experience what may be the difference that makes the difference.  These modalities are gentle, nurturing and powerful all at the same time.

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