Do you know that you Write Your Life?

In fact, everybody ALREADY does, everyday… moment by moment…Love inspired for Eternity

You do…

I do…

We all do… whether we know it or not!


…is what we do when we make our choices or decisions.

Whether we commit a pen to paper or our lives to a direction, we are ‘writing’, we are taking some level of command of the situation and co-creating with the totality of all that is.

In life we begin to consciously learn to do this, mastering our thinking and empowering ourselves to higher and higher levels.

The other option is to unconsciously go about the day, acting and writing the script of our lives based on reactions and misinterpretations of the past or current situations. Never present, never empowered, always the victim.

You probably tend to fluctuate between the two, like most people. Although with practice, you can learn to be mindfully aware and become more conscious, more often, of more and more.


…is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this word directly refers to you and your ownership of life. A key factor in owning your life, is taking responsibility. Without responsibility, you are powerless to change anything. With responsibility you can change anything by firstly changing how you see the situation.

Within the word ‘Your’ is also ‘Our’.

This is an important distinction, as we do co-create. We join in with the rest of existence when we live our lives as we are intrinsically connected to everything else. Yes your life is about YOU, but it’s also about OUR.

In all of our creative life endeavors, we always need to consider the ‘other’.

Every good decision maker knows of the importance of considering the ecology of the potential outcomes. With each decision you make, there are ramifications that are either beneficial for all, or damaging for all. I don’t believe in win / lose relationships, I think they are actually lose / lose because we are all connected and what you do to another, you on some level, do to yourself. Remaining on the good side of life and of others is important if you wish to lead a successful life so you not only attain success on the outside, but also feel success on the inside.

Another very important detail about the word your, is the first letter … ‘Y’

You must realize, it’s vital to have a reason, a personal ‘why’ that supports you. The most powerful and meaningful ‘why’ for you, comes from you, from your core. When you align yourself with your core reasons/purpose/meaning for life, your attitude becomes one of a glowing ‘YES’ as you smile and dance and sing your way through every day. Without looking inside at your core and discovering the inspiration in life that has real meaning for you, you’ll be saying instead, ‘Why bother’.

Don’t get me wrong, even if you are totally aligned and tap dancing your way to the life of your dreams, the journey will still be challenging and emotional at times. That’s life!

You’ll just handle it a whole lot easier, with the ability to retain balance, composure and a smile ready and waiting.


…is our very existence.

As we live and move through the world, if we are not valuing and honouring the very life that we ARE, we are heading in the wrong direction. You could say that this is heading in the ‘death’ direction!

We are only ever growing or dying… so we all make a decision to live or to die, unconsciously or consciously.

This is often a subconscious choice that not many people are aware of having ever made, however, if you look even superficially at someone’s behaviors, you may spot some clues as to which way they may be leaning.

Life is best respected, honored and valued at all levels, for all beings. I like to think of life like this …

 Love           inspired          for          eternity

Challenge yourself to live this way. I believe you can. If anyone can get their head & heart around it, you can! You are, after all, here and now reading this!! :)

Exercise your right to choose in this moment… ask yourself;

  • Who am I becoming?
  • Which way am I heading today? 
  • Do I choose to move forward and grow in some areas of life but retreat away and die in others?
  • Am I being honest with myself, as deeply honest as I can?

Become aware of what is true for you.

When you find that inner spark that propels you forward, follow that creative urge… and keep going!!


You do now know… and on some level I believe you have always known… You ARE moving forward… Writing Your Life as you go!


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