Power up!

Through mindfulness & meditation, we tap into some truly self empowering tools.

Creating a regular practice for yourself can free you from stress or anxiety, dissolve stuck emotions or give you additional focus and awareness for creating a life you really love… plus so much more.
By committing a small amount of time daily, you can make a start, even 5 minutes of breath focused mindfulness can begin to make a difference.

Once you start however, you’ll want to do more and sit for even longer periods of time. With regular practice, you’ll find you have extra energy and clarity. The things that used to bother you, simply don’t seem to bug you anymore and life becomes a more enjoyable journey. A mindfulness practice frees you from your old patterns of reactive thinking.

If you’ve found sticking to a daily practice challenging in the past, attending a regular class is a great idea. Try out a few classes in your area and see what you find easy and enjoyable.

For those of you that are local and want to see what it is all about, my term 4 classes are beginning on Wednesday 7th October at the Emerald Community House Hall.
Click here to find out more.
We learn a powerful mindfulness practice and do a different guided meditation each week. My goal is to help you clear AND steer your mind for a more harmonious and joyful experience of life.

If there is nothing in your area, or you simply prefer to do the mediation at home but do not know where to start, I’ll happily send you a free meditation recording and the basic information to get you started. Simply leave a comment below or send me a private message with your contact details.


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