Mindfulness & Meditation

Learning to clear and steer the mind is of primary importance for anyone who wishes to maintain lower stress levels, reduce anxiety or depressive states or to create the life you truly desire.
Weekly meditation classes are held on Wednesday mornings in Emerald at the Community House Hall.
The weekly meditation classes are great for beginners or those that wish to renew their practice.
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Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation courses are run regularly through the year.
Learning MBSM brings a greater awareness of yourself, your life and the world around you.
As a practice, the techniques you learn through this 8 week journey are invaluable for your ongoing stress management and evolution of your life. The course is tailored to suit absolute beginners but will also suit advanced practitioners whom would like to learn this powerful meditation style. Contact me for details of coming meditation courses.



Stress can be described simply as ‘The reaction of the body and mind to pressure’.
Life will always contain challenges and there will always be pressures.
The key, is learning to manage pressure in a way that prevents stress from crossing the line and causing physical, emotional and mental damage.
Whether these pressures are work related or come from personal or family life, you can learn, with practise, how to manage your stressful ‘state’ in an empowering way.
No matter where the stress originates, the pressures will remain.

What doesn’t need to remain is the feeling of stress.

It’s how you think about the pressure, along with your physiology or behaviour that determines whether your experience of that pressure is negative. With the right knowledge, tools and training, your feeling of stress can disappear and your experience of pressure can be positive.

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Anxiety & Depression

All people get anxious sometimes. All people have depressive feelings at certain times too.
We can all experience joy, gratitude, sadness, anger, fear, love, happiness, apathy and every shade of emotion in between.
This is part of being human. We think, we feel, we behave, we react, we choose, we surrender.
Anxiousness or depression can become long term problems when they do not subside normally but instead become ‘habitualised’ and begin to affect a person in inappropriate ways.
Weight, smoking, alcohol or stress issues are often related to a person’s anxiety or depression.
And it’s often the case, while working to overcome one challenge; another is brought up for resolution also.
The great news is that anxiety or depressive issues are emotional, mental and physical states which can be changed. With the right assistance, you can begin change your habitual internal dialogue as well as your external physiology, empowering you to generate a different experience for yourself in every moment.

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Stop Smoking

Let’s face it, you KNOW that you shouldn’t smoke, in fact all smokers in our western society know why they shouldn’t smoke. You read it on the packet, you see it on the TV, your wife / husband / Mum gives you an earful every other week… There is no mystery anymore about the dangers of smoking.
 Yet many smart and educated people still smoke!

Yes nicotine is somewhat addictive, but it’s not impossible to quit, in fact it can be very easy.
We all started for a reason and we all intend to stop for a reason.
Being clear about both, about the direction of your life and about what you truly want will assist you to choose all of your actions more powerfully.
Addressing not only the habit but the deeper, underlying reasons and beliefs about smoking will make your journey to becoming a non smoker again, an easy and enjoyable ride.
There may be other aspects that need to be addressed first, however, normally my program will have you breathing normally again, without smoke, within two sessions.

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